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Why we should care about the FED

Why we should care about the FED

Imagine if there was a secret page on your online banking website..

You go to your account balance and you change it from $20.00 to $20,000,000,000,000. You hit enter and you are now worth 20 trillion, no questions asked. You buy up new york city, send a few trillion to mom, a few to dad, and some to friends all over the world.

There is this schmuck you know called Sam. You decide to charge Sam interest and call it a loan. Sam takes it but has to make his entire family slave away to pay you the money with interest back. It gets so bad for Sam that he goes deeper and deeper into debt until you basically have his whole family working for you.

  • You are the FED
  • Your friends are the banks, corporations and individuals that are a part of the secret ownership of the FED.
  • Sam is the United States government.
  • Sam's family are the citizens of the USA.

What are the effects?

  • Inflation: Before you created the magic 20 trillion there was a total of 20 trillion in the entire economy. After you and your buddies spent it there is now a total of 40 trillion in the economy. You just robbed everyone of half their money because now their money is worth half as much. Inflation acts as a hidden tax
  • Scarcity & Higher Prices: Because you bought up so much stuff, prices have gone up even more.
  • Income Tax: Also Sam's poor family is slaving away to give Sam enough money to just pay the interest on what he borrowed from you. He is making them pay a 33% tax on everything they earn and it all goes to you. So that is a direct tax in addition to the hidden tax of inflation.
  • HIGHWAY Robbery: Besides the inflation, scarcity and income tax the FED has also robbed people directly.

The FED has been doing this slowly for almost 100 years; since 1913. It only took them 20 years to bankrupt the entire American economy. FDR actually signed into law several bills that put up the American people as collateral on the debt we owned them.

The FED used this opportunity to move us off the Gold standard in 1933. This way the FED could make the money out of thin air. This wasn't enough for them however.... They didn't want Americans holding on to any real money that might challenge their fake paper money monopoly so they forced all Americans to hand over all their gold under threat of imprisonment.

They had over 800 tons of Gold taken from Americans and sent to the main Federal Reserve vault, Fort Knox. They then went and sold that gold for double what they paid the American people for it and thus made a huge profit. The irony here is that they did not SELL the gold as they simply gave it to their owners in Europe, who paid for it with money the FED made out of thin air. This was a pure and simple robbery. Fort Knox has not been audited in 60 years. There is NO GOLD there.

How did this happen?

How could the American people and the government allow such a thing to happen if it really works like that ?!? Well... it was a conspiracy. Yes a CONSPIRACY. The word they love to use to get us to stop thinking and feel ashamed to study history.

  • A bunch of New York bankers got together and hatched a plan in secret to enslave and rob the people.
  • Paul Warburg & J.P. Morgon worked together with a senator and meet at Jekyll Island to work out the details.
  • They waited till December 25th 1913 when the senate was off on holiday to pass the bill in secret.
  • They had the president Woodrow Wilson in their pocket as well so he would not veto it.
  • They controlled the press so it would not leak out. (they still do)
  • They called it the "Federal Reserve System" so the American people would think it was run by the government, had reserves of Gold and was not centralized. All three are lies.
  • To protect the FED from being taken down they also passed the 17th amendment at the same time. The 17th Amendment pretends to be democratic by allowing the people to directly elect their senators but what it actually does is remove the states power and give it to the federal government which is easier to control.
  • To make sure that the government could pay the interest it owed to the FED for the fake money it made out of nothing they also passed the Income Tax act at the same time. Before that no income tax existed.

But the FED must do something good, like keep the economy stable right?

No. The FED does NOTHING good. It's main purpose is to fund wars to further enrich its owners. The true goal of the FED is not to make more money for it's owners but rather to give them power over humanity. They can just type in digits and make money so they don't care about money, only power.

The FED funded world war 1, caused the great depression, funded both sides of world war 2, and is now in the process of destroying the dollar.

The boom bust cycles are all artificial. America was set to lead the world into a golden age before world war one. They had to stop that and drag us all into their personal hell.

They enslave us with debt, make our economy sink whenever they wish and force us to be their attack dogs, all while keeping us under the illusion that we are "free"

Another reason why the FED is still around is because it helps the congress spend more money without taxing the people outright. The FED simply makes the cash from nothing and then the senate can say to their people "hey look how much I got you and no taxes" Little do the people know that they were all just taxed via inflation and their savings is now worth alot less.

Who owns the FED? who is THEY?

The ownership of the FED is a secret. Not even the president can know. The FED answers to no one and is above the law. Alan Greenspan even admitted it on video.

While it is officially a secret who owns the FED everyone knows it is owned and operated by the European banking families. Chiefly the Rothschild's, Schiff's, Lazard's, and Rocker feller's. These are the people that give Ben Shalom Bernanke his marching orders and control our economy and thus own our entire nation.

The history of western Europe is the history of the Rothchild family. Search out and watch the documentary, "The Money Masters" on youtube. It will give you a true history of America and Europe. It all revolves around central banks and the Rothchilds.

The Rothchild's own the entire western media, the entire monetary system and nearly every politician of any stature in the USA and Europe. With their magic money machine they can buy anyone they want. They even bought their way out of the history books and kept the public eye away from them. They have assassinated anyone who has challenged them and taken over entire nations. They even have THEIR OWN NATION now. More on that later

Is there anyway to stop them? Has anyone ever stopped them?

YES and YES.

Andrew Jackson crushed the second central bank in 1834. They tried to kill him 3 times. The last attempt they had a professional shooter fire two pistols point blank at his chest. They both misfired at the same time saving Jackson. Jackson then beat the man down with his cane. The closest we have to Jackson now is Ron Paul.

  • Educate your self about how the FED really works. The videos below are a good start.
  • Tell others all about it.
  • Support Ron Paul.

If one in ten Americans do the above then the income tax would be abolished, wars would stop and human potential would be unlocked. Accept this quest and go out and educate others after educating yourself.



mamabear: I don't think Ron Paul can do a THING, I would go even further and say that, while getting him into office would be a major victory for the people, it would do nothing. only revolution can free the people. The Rothchilds might just be keeping Ron Paul in their back pocket in case they feel they are losing control of the country and want to appease middle america... while still controlling everything
3 years ago
chiefcantor: edward Griffith has some great info on the history, it reads like a spy thriller, pretty amazing actually!
3 years ago
wad: you are right. Ron Paul would try and address this, but we all know that unless the American people are educated about why it must be addressed he will not be ab le to kill the beast and the beats will kill him.
3 years ago
pigphish: I believe Ron Paul is one of the few that would address this.
3 years ago

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