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said by Asma Mahfouz, the Tahrir Square Veteran
She knew just from watching the Egyptian Revolution unfold that Facebook was an enemy of the Revolution and not a friend. The Egyptian revolution only took off when Facebook was cut off. Facebook's damage is far worse than just keeping us online and distracted.
Facebook is whole owned asset of the American secret services. They funded Facebook with over 300 million dollars early on through CIA operated venture fund InQtel. They say right on the InQtel website that they fund companies for homeland security. Digital Sky Ventures, an Isreali MOSSAD Zionist front also funded them several hundred million. Zuckerberg takes his orders from them and provides a young face for a dark machine.

This is the image on the inside of Facebook hoodies Zuckerberg wears. It has not just one.. but two hexegrams in it! Everything you do is within the big star and feeds the smaller star. Zuckerberg is a proud Zionist & Freemanson 32 degree
Facebook tracks our every move even if we log out of Facebook.
How bad is the tracking?
Facebook tracks us EVEN WHEN WE ARE NOT ON FACEBOOK. The Wall Street Journal first broke the story in an article called "FACEBOOK LIKE BUTTON FOLLOWS WEB USERS". Facebook uses a data cookie called "datr" to watch EVERY SINGLE SITE WE VISIT and record it attached with our username.

Here is an example of the data facebook sends back each and every time you visit a website!
They also associate you with anyone else who uses your laptop. So if your friend uses your laptop for a quick minute to log into facebook, their entire browsing history is tied together with yours. Hopefully they didn't view any of the "bad sites" as considered by MOSSAD and the NSA. These include pro Palestinian sites and Islamic news site.

here is the little cookie in question. datr sits their quietly and sends back every single page you visit, every book you buy and every video you watch to Facebook
Facebook is currently facing at least two joint from the entire EUROPEAN UNION. New Joint Law Suits are being filed everyday.
But isn't this illegal? what is their defense?
This is a direct quote from Facebook.
"Generally, unlike other major Internet companies, we have no interest in tracking people. We don’t have an ad network and we don’t sell people’s information. As we state in our help center:, “We do not share or sell the information we see when you visit a website with a Facebook social plugin to third parties and we do not use it to deliver ads to you.”
We now know that every single part of that official quote is a complete 100% LIE. The patents that Facebook has been filing  specify step by step the massive data mining operation using cookies and a interlocking relationship with other companies data collection.  They lie and continue to lie outright. On FaceBook you are not the user, you are the product and are given no respect. They are covered by their cryptic, Talmudic Terms of Service which basically says you have no rights what so ever the moment you become a facebook user.
Who see's our information?
Facebook doesn't just share our information with advertisers and the CIA, their entire database is OWNED by the inteligence agencies of the American and Israeli governments. Facebook became the defacto secret dossier database in 2008 replacing the CIA's old carnivore database. It was a dream come true for the CIA and MOSSAD to have the entire world just share everything with them.
  • FBI
  • CIA
  • NSA: The National Security Agency is 9x bigger than the CIA and specializes in pattern recognition.
  • DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the military office that founded the internet
  • IAO: The Information Awareness Office was so creepy that even the congress defunded it. It's new name is FaceBook.
  • MOSSAD: The Israel secret service. Long suspected to be the mastermind behind most of the worlds terror.
  • Any Corporations who deal with Facebook
This the the reason Mark ZuckerBerg started sweating uncontrollably when asked about security when interviewed. This is right after he accepted to hand over the entire Facebook Database as government property. Zuckerberg has been an ardent Zionist since college.
The Israeli MOSSAD and CIA does not even have to ASK Facebook for any information. They have direct access to the Facebook database in realtime. Facebook servers are under more gaurd than Fort Knox. This is not an understatement.
What could they possibly use all this information for?
Facebook is simply the new "face" or mask of the FBI's old Carnivoire database. Carnivoire was a living database that took massive amounts of data about each and every American and matches them with psychological profiles. These sychological profiles can be used to sell us things like GMO Foods, War, Pharmacuetical drugs, and even identify which us could become "politically aware" and thus dangerous.
This program has now been expanded to the entire world and speed up rapidy with the collection of so much data. Facebook's vast funding has not gone into the website but into the backend data profiling and psychological matching systems. Their vast pool of engineers work for the governments which own them, namely the American secret government of the CIA, NSA and Darpa as well as the Isreali government.
Just how bad is all of this really?
In 2002 The IAO was founded to bring together all the various databses collected by the CIA, FBI, DARPA and the NSA into one massive spying tool for the American people and the world. The logo of the IAO is the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill spying on the entire Earth. The IAO is something far worse than hollywood has ever come up with. It is like being locked ina prison cell with big brother on steroids.

The creepiest organization alive is the IAO. Information Awareness Office. The Facebook Database has now replaced and upgraded their old database which sought to monitor every human alive. Their logo is the eye of the pyramid watching the entire Earth!
The outcry from the American people was so intense tht congress refused to fund it. It was defunded in 2003. The IAO is not dead however. It has merely changed it's name. It is now called "THE FACEBOOK PROJECT"
They learned that being so outright with such a sinister program, scary logo included was not wise. They looked for a company with an innocent face that they could hide behind. Facebook was that company and Mark Zuckerberg was the youthful face they were waiting for. They funded the company from start to finish. The money trail proves it.
Is Mark Zuckerberg a crook?
Facebook is now the main data repository for the Illuminati. Zuckerberg was inducted as a 32nd degree Freemason in 2008. It was not difficult for them to recruit Zuckerberg since as the movie accurately portrayed he has always wanted to join the secret societies and is a criminally minded sociopath.
Zuckerberg has no respect for anyone on Facebook. This is a transcript from an instant message conversation he had with a friend. He calls Facebook users, even the early ones "Dumb Fucks" Imagine what he thinks of us today sharing everything with them!

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don't know why.

Zuck: They "trust me"

Zuck: Dumb fucks

Zuckerberg is simply a lying theif. Facebook began in theft and is now robbing humanity of it's most basic right, the right to each persons own privacy, If you would not send a list of every website you have ever been to to your friend, or your mother or your mate, then why would you give up that information to complete strangers and proven criminals...

Quest Objectives
  1. Delete Your Facebook Account: Deactivating is not the same as deleting. You must use the link here and NOT LOG IN FOR 14 DAYS. Otherwise the deletion will be canceled. Delete your brwser bookies and history just to be sure. They are very sneaky and will do anything to keep your account active. Even when you delete it, the CIA,NSA and MOSSAD still have their archived copies.
  2. Please email this to every person Muslim you know and DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

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